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Furniture Materials

The human body is a wonderfully engineered masterpiece of design. Delicate, yet flexible and highly adjustable, it readily adapts to all kind of ambient conditions and there are so many postural changes and the furniture should be on the same principle that it should be a highly adaptable/adjustable mechanism that adapts to the postures. Designers now understand the potential of communicating dynamism and flexibility through furniture.

Rapid changes are bound to reflect in furniture design too. Newer material which are easy to maintain , better craftsmanship , the human comfort and an urge to explore in design and improve the visual quality are some of the current developments in furniture technology.

The range of materials covered by furniture design include the universal wood and bamboo , steel and plastic , rope and canvas and many combinations of unconventional materials that serve to emphasize the user or the creator. According to one taste and preferences, either one goes in for colonial or contemporary or even futuristic kind of stuff.

WOOD is always been and still is the fundamental and universal material for making furniture. The wood which is used for making furniture should be of high quality and properly processed. The wood is purchased in the form of logs and sawn timber depending on the availability in the timber market.

The timber should be selected by the persons who should have the through knowledge of the wood nature and processing. The timber should have all the relevant qualities and should be free from diseases and defects like rots, fractures, cracks, twisted fibers etc. The logs should be then seasoned properly.

  • Teak wood or saagwan is still considered to be the best and is usually recommended.
  • Rosewood or sheesham is very good but rarer and more expensive.
  • Mahogany, siris white, siris black, rubber wood etc. are extensively used for furniture.
  • Nowadays solid wood is being replaced by the boards, as they are less expensive and one can just get the look of any wood by simply pasting any of the veneer or laminate in a very little budget.
  • Boards are coming in a lot of varieties like particle boards, block boards, mdf (medium density fiber) boards, hdf (high density fiber) boards, prelaminated boards, fiber boards and lots of others.

But there are certain requirements of wood which cannot advisely be substituted by boards like legs of table, base of cupboards, or the parts which are in contact with floor. These parts should be made of some damp resistant, hard wood to protect it from wet corrosion.

CANE furniture was popularized in India as the garden furniture but now there is a tremendous change in its usage. Cane is relatively easier to reforest and replenish and is therefore termed as eco-friendly. It is available in any color, one desires to have and above all it is very easy to maintain.

WROUGHT IRON furniture was used back from middle ages. Wrought iron furniture has proved its longevity and appeal by its continuous use to this day. It has given us endless designs and we can choose from bedroom furniture to dinning furniture. Wrought iron is a combination of elegance and grandeur, which is reminiscent of French aristocracy. Graceful wrought iron furniture is hallmark of stylishness. It is good in terms of nil maintenance. One can go wrought iron furniture for different rooms, bathroom and kitchen.

WICKER furniture is more traditional and very durable made of natural material. Wicker is a slender flexible branch, vine or grass that is woven into a pattern. Wicker furniture is being made by interweaving the branches around a frame, and into shapes of table, chairs and sofa. It is available with natural, stained or painted surfaces and some wicker furniture is dipped in a special coating to resist fading or reduce flaking and cracking. It is light and airy, therefore lend casual and tropical look to the room. In others comparison wicker is light weight and easy to push and pull around the yard.

STEEL furniture is popular trend after wrought iron. This kind of furniture is tough and need less maintenance in comparison with wood or wicker. A wide range of steel furniture is hitting the market which includes overall home furnishings. Steel furniture is good looking, elegant and demanding. It can be decorative at both the sections including indoor and outdoor.

ALUMINUM furniture looks ethnic and you can browse exclusive range in aluminum such as cast aluminum furniture, aluminum patio furniture, aluminum sling furniture, aluminum wrought iron and stainless steel aluminum. It can add charm to your indoor and outdoor as well which offers durability and comfort. Being well known for its resistance to rust and corrosion, aluminum furniture is perfect for outdoor appearance where it is exposed to the elements. It is high in quality and low in prices.

Today furniture is the perfect combination of diverse materials wood , glass , brass, wrought iron , acrylic , fabric , sand stone etc. in multifacious permutations and combinations to create a distinct line of furniture. Each material is used for certain desired effect, wood for warmth and elegance, little bit of brass for effect, wrought iron for sturdy simplicity and so on.